Girly weekend

Today I have found myself.
OK, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, seeing as I knew where I was anyway. But it’s been really nice to spend the first day in ages simply being me. No kids. Nobody to look after or worry about or even think about. And, for the first time in ages, the chance to say “yes” when a girly group of friends from work asked me to join them for the day for a friend’s hen do.
The lot of us invaded England for the day – and I don’t think England quite knew what had hit it! I won’t go into details. I am not in my natural element in girly party type environment, but I had an excellent day. We hit the shops first. I had deliberately taken only sufficient cash to buy lunch and a coffee mid morning, and had carefully extracted my credit card from my purse before setting off, but had in my bag a number of vouchers which I was happy to spend either actually or virtually (I tend to like doing the latter even better than the former, and often can’t bring myself to spend the voucher because I know that then the tantalising pleasure of planning what to spend it on will be over – sad person that I am). So window shopping it was, of which the best half hour was when we decided to split up and I and my book token and coffee money took ourselves off to Waterstones… who were doing three for the price of two offers on almost all their books. I am now the proud owner of: “The Eyre Affair” (One I’ve been wanting to read for years, ever since a good friend recommended it); “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime” which I’ve wanted to read ever since it came out, especially after working with children with autism, and which I was reminded about by the recent meme; and, thanks to Cal (well, I hope so, any way), “The Handmaiden’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. And what did I do after buying them? I settled down in the cafe with a large cup of coffee and read the first two chapters of The Eyre Affair, with a blissful grin on my face.

After lunch came the treat – Footloose, at the Mayflower Theatre. I wasn’t sure what I’d make of it, but I loved it. Absolutely loved it. The music was great, the dancing amazing, the actors superb, and it was nice to see a Christian setting where Christianity was treated in a normal way and didn’t make me squirm. Standing ovation at the end, and I almost found myself dancing – not a natural response for me who finds spontaneous dance a bit too, well, er… spontaneous for my liking. Highly recommended – and rather nice to be out in a lively group who all knew each other well.

The boys? Oh, they’re at camp for the weekend. Spot the inane grin :oD

8 thoughts on “Girly weekend

  1. Oh I love The Eyre Affair and the sequels.

    Have you been to Jasper’s website yet? You can upgrade your copy there!

  2. I love the Eyre Affaire too, but I keep thinking I’m getting lots of the jokes but I must be missing lots more.

    I also really enjoyed the Curious Incident.

    The Hand maiden’s tale…eugh. Heard it serialised on Radio 4 years ago and it was one of the creepiest things I’ve ever heard. However it was very compelling.

  3. Waiting with baited breath for the letter to arrive through the door. But while you’re waiting, you could do yourself no better than reading the Dog in the Night book. It’s really good, and I think you’ll get a lot out of it. Well done for sending them both to camp 😉 Glad you haven’t regretted it!

  4. I’ve not read the Handmaid’s Tale (I saw about 10 minutes of the film and was creeped out) but am going to give it another go when I get back home. I learnt today that it was inspired by the draconian Romanian pronatalist/anti-abortion laws in the Ceausescu times (particularly the upping of the already draconian laws in 1984). So really it would be work, oh yes.

    And wishing you all the best for the news you’re both waiting for.

  5. I thought the Handmaid’s Tale was fab – creepy and can’t think of the right words to describe it, but an excellent read – hope you enjoy it.

    And really hope you hear soon…..

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