Did I mention I was a bit dopey today?

I teach four classes on a Monday, three for maths and one for English, to three year groups. The mathematicians amongst you will work out that one year group I have for both Maths and English. This group is made up mainly of the same children, with one or two variations, though there are far more in the maths group than the English.

I went to lesson one. The class of ten was lined up beautifully outside my classroom so I signalled them in. A colleague who was administering important tests in the next room asked me to run to reception to check on the presence/absence of a child who was supposed to be sitting the test, as the teacher in question could not leave the class, so I signalled to my little lovelies to read their reading books until I returned. Lovely kids – no worries at all leaving them unsupervised for a moment or two.

I returned to the classroom. I set the majority of the group a piece of writing to do while I took off two absentees from the previous week and administered a spelling test which they’d missed. Then I returned to the whole class – all ten of them – to continue with another English task.

Whereupon the girl at the front said “Er, Miss. You do realise this is a maths lesson, don’t you?”

3 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. Your latest post does not seem to be accepting comments. Have you broken the Wibsite again?!!

  2. :-)That made me smile. Those lovely obedient children, reading away – or was that to get out of maths?

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