8 random things about me me me

On the subject of memes, I declared my intention of picking up a tag from Rosamundi and I won’t sleep unless I do it tonight. This is because I am actually too tired to go to bed.

Here goes:

1) I know I’ve mentioned this before but, having forgotten to take my tablet the other day and suffered the consequences it is at the forefront of my mind: I have dermographic urticaria. This means my skin responds to touch by developing red, itchy weals and has the added interest that it is possible to write messages or play noughts and crosses on my skin.

2) I tend to get a “wobbly” tummy just before it snows.

3) I learned several languages including Turkish to qualified translator level but can now only say useful things like “one red apple” and “how are you?”

4) I have climbed the mast of a tall ship, been up the CN tower, climbed a 50 foot tree, and stood on top of Lincoln cathedral. I am somewhat scared of heights.

5) I have played the piano accordion since teaching myself at the age of fifteen.

6) I am all-but tee-total, but can occasionally be tempted to indulge in Baileys, a snowball, the weakest bitter shandy in the world, or cinzano and lemonade. However I would much rather have Appletize, J2O, or a nice cup of coffee.

7) I am a renowned chocoholic but do not like chocolate things: e.g. chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate milkshake etc. I do make an exception for hot chocolate, however.

8) (If this sounds self-pitying, it is not intended to. While it frustrates me at times, at the moment it’s “just one of those things”) While I have never met anyone for whom there has been a mutual attraction and, at the grand old age of 21 and a bit have never been kissed, I seem to have an unerring knack of attracting the totally unsuitable or unavailable.

4 thoughts on “8 random things about me me me

  1. 1)cool, well, the nought&crosses bit…. is that really true??
    2)I always have a wobby tummy 🙂 it’s my love of chocolate (see 7)
    3)I speak flutent gibberish
    4)Did you try standing on the glass florr when you were up the CN Tower?? isn’t it cool!!!
    5)I shall ignore music….
    6)as in my last post, tea is the drink!!
    7)see 2 – Mmmmmmm, chocolate
    8)I’m saying nothing, but I’m going to be 27 this year…..

  2. Bimble, yes I did stand on the glass floor. It’s amazing! I somehow have no burning desire to do the same on the Spinnaker Tower, though.

    The noughts and crosses bit is really true, apart from the fact that it takes a minute for the weals to appear so you have to play very slowly! The doctor actually diagnosed the dermographia that way!

    mst, no I don’t. Not at all. Vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate in, lovely. Chocolate icecream? An abomination!

    AD, the trouble with the last one is the number of good friendships it ends :S

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