Daily Archives: April 28, 2007


Mine has been troublesome all day. No, not the one at work – the one on top of my shoulders. I hate those womanly headaches where someone gradually tightens an iron band around the top of your head and it feels as though your eyes are about to pop out unless you shut them really tightly. But I have been a brave girl and soldiered on. I just hope it’s not like this tomorrow as I have a long drive (well, long by Island standards) and then a trial service.

On the other hand, Tiddles seems to be reaping the benefits of Cranio-sacral therapy. The osteopath is reaping the benefits of my hard-earned cash, it has to be said, and I have to admit to feeling a mixture of scepticism (as she lays her hands on his head and seems to sit there in a trance, doing nothing perceptible at all) and envy (how come he gets to lie on a couch being de-stressed and I get to sit on a hard chair watching and paying for it?) but she is lovely and certainly it seems to be having a beneficial effect as he’s far calmer all round and showing signs of increased concentration.

It may be short lived, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

He’s even doing a reading and a short sketch for me at church tomorrow. He and his brother will woo all the old ladies, like they usually do. Then all I have to do is somehow pull something out of the hat to content the person doing my appraisal.

My calendar for yesterday says “Salvation guaranteed… or your sins cheerfully refunded” 🙂