Oh, the embarrassment…

… of setting a class of children off to do a multiplication test against the clock in total silence.. only to discover that the older class on the other side of the partition wall are watching a rather loud video on….. sex education!

Second only to

in the same lesson

alternating between writing on the Smart board (an interactive computer touch-screen as big as a normal blackboard) and writing on the ordinary whiteboard and finding not only that you’ve written on the whiteboard in smartboard pen – an extremely futile exercise as they work in the same way as writing with your finger – but you’ve also written on the smartboard in marker pen! The children’s faces were a picture. I have a feeling mine was too!

Now, should I feel guilty that my son has had stomach ache all day after I fed him on sausages that, although they were just (though only just) within use-by date, had a rather … erm… “fermentation” aroma.

7 thoughts on “Oh, the embarrassment…

  1. when I was doing my Uni interview for King’s our tour-guide was telling us of one prof who wasn’t too used to the "new" whiteboards in the lecture rooms. He worked his way across them all, went back to the start, wiping one out at a time, till he got to the end of the row and discovered the last "whiteboard" was infact the OHP screen!!!

  2. Smudgie’s building up their immune resistance. 🙂

    And thank you for the laugh indeed: I’ve used permanent markers on whiteboards, and had to get out the methylated spirits…though I believe they have better things now.

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