Daily Archives: April 26, 2007

Oh, the embarrassment…

… of setting a class of children off to do a multiplication test against the clock in total silence.. only to discover that the older class on the other side of the partition wall are watching a rather loud video on….. sex education!

Second only to

in the same lesson

alternating between writing on the Smart board (an interactive computer touch-screen as big as a normal blackboard) and writing on the ordinary whiteboard and finding not only that you’ve written on the whiteboard in smartboard pen – an extremely futile exercise as they work in the same way as writing with your finger – but you’ve also written on the smartboard in marker pen! The children’s faces were a picture. I have a feeling mine was too!

Now, should I feel guilty that my son has had stomach ache all day after I fed him on sausages that, although they were just (though only just) within use-by date, had a rather … erm… “fermentation” aroma.