It’ll all end in tears

It’s a beautiful day here today, so in order to prevent g.b.h occurring as Tiddles and Smudgelet re-enact William Tell without the apple (Tiddles firing tent poles very impressive distances with his home-made bow straight at Smudgelet’s head), I thought they could have a go at the first proper challenge on the Science scheme. It’s a fun one. Using five pieces of A4 paper and 50cm of sellotape they’re to try to construct a platform which will hold a dinosaur (or at least a house brick) 5cm off the ground. The ultimate, of course, is to progress to building one which will hold a person 5cm off the ground too!

This is how it is progressing: Tiddles is lying on the blanket on the lawn with his sunhat over his eyes, barking out orders at Smudgelet. Smudgelet is ignoring him and doing his own thing, which is not yet succeeding. Tiddles is having a paddy because Smudgelet won’t do as he’s told or listen to him. I reminded them that they are supposed to be keeping a record of what they try and how they modify it. Smudgelet asks if he can do the writing. “What, and leave me to make it?” came the reply. “Then you do the writing.” “I’m not doing the writing – you’re the one that likes writing!”

May I make a prediction at this point? And do I need to do a fair test to test out my prediction? I think not….

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