How does my garden grow?

Blasted blackbirds! I had my patio pot looking all smart and ready to go and the bloomin’ birds decided they didn’t like the flowers I’d planted and pulled them up roots and all, leaving them in a neat line on the lawn. Pah!

My lovely friend M (currently totally crippled with arthritis) arrived unexpectedly this morning. Well, it was expected really, seeing as I’d just got into a scrumptiously warm bath with expensive bubbles and a good book and this is the time she always arrives at the door. Fortunately she’s well trained and went straight into the kitchen to put the kettle on while she waited for me to emerge. She came with a wonderful idea – a trip out to our favourite nursery to get a new clematis for by my hedge. I’d been wondering whether buying a more established one might have a better chance of success. Mind you, remembering to water it might help too!

So here I am with a beautiful Silver Moon clematis waiting to be transferred into the pot. I was tempted by another lovely flower too, related to a mesambrianthemum (one of my favourite flowers) but different. I’d tell you the name if I could be bothered to go in the garden and look at the label. Anyway, it’ll look great in my patio pots. The whole garden is beginning to gather steam and be a really lovely place to sit out, despite the lack of grass! And you should see the bluebells (I think I may have to have a wander outside with a camera in a moment).

My brother commented on my sudden enthusiasm for the garden. It’s threefold, of course. Firstly it’s a bit like the urge (easily subdued!) to do spring cleaning – a nesting-style celebration of the good weather and lighter nights after the depression of the winter. Secondly I now find myself with time to spend in the garden just relaxing and enjoying my environment – something I haven’t done in ages. And thirdly, the one that I only realised this morning, is that I seriously miss my Dad’s garden. I find myself wanted to invest in plants which are more lasting than your standard bedding plants which give instant colour but when they’re gone, they’re gone. I want to watch something develop and suddenly burst into flower like my Dad’s peach tree, camelia and jasmine – each year coming anew like an old established friend and giving a cause for celebration. This may sound odd but.. plants you can actually build a relationship with, just as I have with my beautiful old oak tree.

My fingers may not be turning green, but my fingernails are developing a much more earthy tinge!