Daily Archives: April 19, 2007

Playing house

Just had to show you these. Smudgelet came home from school charged with the task of building a model shelter out of sticks, leaves, string and/or paper so the two of us sat together on the patio and tackled the challenge (parental help was encouraged – which is just as well as he just couldn’t get going to start with).

A little house New inhabitants

Meanwhile Tiddles started on the first of his Science experiments. Although we are still working on the KS3 science syllabus, for a bit of fun I have enrolled him on the British Association’s Young Investigators Award for which he has to carry out ten investigative Science challenges by July. They’re intended for Primary schools, but the BA have said that he is welcome to do them and he is quite keen. At least they might serve to promote his motivation, especially if we can do them outside on the patio as he’s baulking at the thought of studying when the weather is fine. (Me too!)

He’s filled in his form for the school and is keeping his fingers crossed. I had to laugh when he said one of his reasons for wanting to go to the school was that they get to have their own patch of garden. At long last one of his courgette plants has sprouted, but it’s mainly because Smudgelet took over watering them while he was away!!! Meanwhile Smudgelet’s sunflowers are going great guns. We will have to repot them and relocate them somewhere out of the greenhouse or they’ll be shooting up through the roof.