Daily Archives: April 11, 2007


I won’t describe in detail the latest of my household disasters as I have visitors coming tonight.
But certainly someone seems to have me targetted – shame it doesn’t work, isn’t it? 😉

My frantic cleaning and tidying ran out of steam this morning, aided by two long phone calls which rather disrupted my momentum, but I don’t mind too much as the bulk of it is done, the visitors who are arriving this evening will chip in and help out, and if all else fails I can always sit in the garden 🙂 Dad’s garage being almost empty has helped. Suffice to say, it is no longer almost empty. As long as it doesn’t rain over the weekend, we’re OK.

Smudgelet is enjoying his afternoon as I have let him play in the kitchen of the “bungalow next door which will soon belong to somebody else” and, with Tiddles back in bonnie Scotland, he has been able to set out his Hornby trainset in full. We have got to have our extension built if only so that he can play with his train set and not have to pack it away again. He’ll play happily for hours and hours with that – especially if there’s cleaning going on in another part of the house and he fears he may get roped in if he shows his face!

Now then, do you think I ought to do something about all this ironing? After all, the wightmeet wouldn’t be the wightmeet without a pile of ironing hidden away somewhere.