Daily Archives: April 7, 2007

And so to bed

An early start in the morning – crack of dawn, literally.

Irrational moan – when people ask you to play the accordion to accompany hymn singing on the recreation ground at 5.30 a.m., why on earth don’t they choose hymns that actually go well on the accordion instead of simply choosing hymns to match their theme regardless. The accordion, unless played by a real expert, requires hymns/songs that have a relatively regular rhythm and fit an “oom-pah” sort of accompaniment rather than an “interesting progression of chords and meaningful timing”. While I have reconciled myself to always being the musician and never being there just as a congregant, I do feel a bit peeved at having to play music that just doesn’t sound right, and therefore comes across quite weak.

Immense appreciation to my wonderful brother and my far-more-than-usual-motivated son for their tremendous work rediscovering my garden (or what’s left of it) from under the tree. I was sorry to miss the exciting moment when my brother discovered a snake curled up amongst all the leaves on my lawn – and congratulations to him for not alerting the children to its existance (though whether for the children’s benefit or the snake’s I’m uncertain). With a Smudgelet who’s a little prone to worry at the moment, it far outdid any educational benefit from seeing a snake. Now I’m all fired up with exciting plans for my garden – an annual occurance which dwindles as spring progresses but which is fun while it lasts. This year, though, the garden is lying fallow while we progress with the extension – for which social services have finally agreed to release some money – Praise the Lord! Not as much as I’d hoped, but enough to make it feasible so I cannot complain as they did not have to give me anything. (Sad that it arrives at the same time as a letter from my mortgage company telling me that when my endowment mortgage matures in seven years time it should have a shortfall of about £11,000!!!) Exciting times.

The Smudgelets have constructed their Easter Bunny Tent in the veranda in anticipation of a nestful of goodies arriving tomorrow. 🙂 It’s a home-grown tradition which is great fun. We’ve also decorated the Easter tree – this year it was Tiddles’ responsibility – and ready for tomorrow’s service at church we have all made some rather spiffing Easter hats. Well, the boys’ hats are spiffing, mine was a little rushed… but then mine was made with gold card rather than white so I shall dazzle while they amaze (and amuse). Must remember to take some photos tomorrow. Meanwhile, however, I am supposed to be in bed and asleep. My mind wants to, my body wants to, and my common sense says I ought to.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all an Easter full of sunshine, blessings and the reassurance that God came more than halfway to meet us. Halleluia – he is risen (or will be, given a few more hours… is already if you’re in Australia!)