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Easter garden – Good Friday

Good job I remembered to nip back home before church and pick up a few tissues!

This morning, for the first time in ages, I was able to go to a Good Friday service as my brother was here to look after the boys. (Yes, Tiddles is home for a few days, and exemplary in behaviour – I’ve missed my boy ) The service was incredible. It was an hour’s meditation on the seven last words of Christ and amazingly moving – I was not the only one with tears streaming down their face as they watched and listened, prayed and listened to God. I cannot describe it, but it was just perfect.

Also just perfect – yet again the church has been graced with an Easter Garden, the work of Honorary Auntie M and another friend M (this year with a bit of help from Smudgelet!)

Easter Garden

I hope to show you the amazing transformation on Easter Day.
Meanwhile, in the back room, was the slightly smaller scale Easter garden which Smudgelet made with one of the Sunday School teachers last week.

On a smaller scale

A lovely day out

This is where Smudgelet and I spent the afternoon of April Fools Day. Westover Park The gardens were open to the public for the first time since it was purchased last year: http://www.nqsouthern.com/digitalpublication/digitalpublications/index.cfm?dpid=148&section_id=1185 Just look at this!

We had a lovely day (though with some deep and meaningful conversations and not a few tears from both of us). One big surprise was meeting one of the gardeners….. and discovering I’d taught him when he was nine! He was one of those kids that you always wondered where he’d end up, and it was so rewarding to see him well established in a job which he so obviously revelled in. When it all boils down to it, that’s what matters most.
The gardens were beautiful and with so much to see and enjoy – heavenly indeed.

One way to deal with the remains of a tree

Westover Park


And where we parked the car in Calbourne – a car park I’d never known was there – we discovered a really rather quirky garden ( a bit unsettling, to tell the truth) with some weird and wonderful carvings. The best ones were either side of a welcoming bench at the roadside. In comparison, Smudgelet looked quite normal 😉

Smudgelet and the penguins