Daily Archives: April 5, 2007

The bad thing about having friends who work nights…

…. is that they sometimes send text messages at totally the wrong time. Must remember to turn my mobile off at night! There again, it did mean I was up bright and early this morning.

Happy Feet was, of course, delightful last night and a small excited boy sat holding me hand throughout and casting me looks of sheer enchantment. He was the only one who hadn’t seen it before, having missed out last time by forgetting once too often that I never make a threat I’m not prepared to carry out! This time, though, it was a reward for being such delightful company and so comparatively helpful over the last week or so. Happy Feet indeed – I think I was the one who couldn’t keep my feet still for happiness last night.

Tally for today so far? Taken Smudgelet to Sports Challenge (he’s trampolining afterwards so I get two thirds of the day uninhibited by small boys); taken a massive carload of garden rubbish to the tip; removed sundry slugs, snails and woodlice who had consequently taken up residence in the boot of my car; put another load of washing on… yes, another load (only one to go, I reckon!); totally stripped Tiddles’ room of compost (in the form of unwashed clothes), garbage (in the form of snotty tissues, screwed up paper, broken toys), and contraband (in the form of stolen sweets, biscuits, cigarettes) and left it looking all neat and tidy and far less aromatic; tidied the kitchen in anticipation of cleaning it in a few minutes; filled another bin bag with things that can be thrown away from the kitchen and lounge; refrained from swearing at the boiler; eaten two stale hot cross buns (just to be tidy, of course, and to save wasting them by throwing them away); untangled all the decorations from last year’s Easter tree in anticipation of the weekend; and am now about to set forth with the vacuum cleaner just as soon as I’ve finished sorting these couple of things from the lounge.