Daily Archives: April 4, 2007

I’m impressed with me

I shouldn’t really be blogging about doing any cleaning or tidying so that when people come the weekend after Easter who may well have read this blog, I can indicate my semi-tidied home and say “I am sorry it’s such a mess, but I haven’t really had time to tidy up yet” – thus indicating that the current state of affairs is far untidier and more cluttered than it usually is, rather than the result of a frantic attempt to make the place look at least habitable.


I am feeling really rather chuffed. After posting earlier today of all the jobs I had done indoors, I have since put two more loads of washing through the machine (next door in the “bungalow that is to belong to someone else soon”‘s machine) and put it on the washing line, we have bagged up another carload of garden rubbish to take to the tip tomorrow (when all the creepy crawlies have had chance to creepy crawl out), I’ve chopped up two more branches from the oak tree, pruned the blackberry bush and anihilated some rogue brambles which were causing a bit of a barricade to the shed, as well as bagging up the old shed roof (boy, was it windy this year) and the somewhat antique looking barbecue (boy, was it rainy this year… and did someone forget to put it away at the end of the summer, I wonder?).

Only trouble is, I really really really want to soak in a nice hot bath – not least because I have serious sciatica twinges in my left buttock – oh sorry, was that too much information? So, decisions decisions… a nice hot shower which involves maintaining a vertical posture; the chance to lie horizontally in the bath but soaking in, at best, lukewarm water; or just continue to stink and ache and hope nobody comments. I think somehow I shall have to go for the former, seeing as we’re off out tonight to watch Happy Feet at the theatre (where they show films, I hasten to add – they haven’t got penguin actors on stage).

Would you credit it?

One of the following is not true:

a) This morning I have taken Smudgelet to Sports Challenge, totally cleared the garden shed of rubbish, had a trip to the tip, cleared the mountain of clutter from the little extension area of my lounge which was being used as a dumping ground (and the curtains kept closed), done two loads of washing and got them on the line, answered some important emails, rehoused a load of woodlice, eaten some lunch.

b) This morning I have restarted my central heating boiler ten times within an hour before giving up on heat and hot water and resorting to washing in cold.

c) This morning the man finally – only four days later than the latest date he promised to get my door fixed by – turned up to fix my front door. I realised that it was now almost a year since it was first delivered as I can remember my brother going back up North after fitting it on Good Friday. This chap has only recently been commissioned by B&Q to rectify the situation, so it’s only a month since he got involved. He unwrapped the new door which had been waiting patiently in Dad’s garage and called me to look – it is exactly the same as the other faulty one! He has gone back to complain to B&Q and promised they’d phone me same day.

So, which is not true? b is not true. Did you guess right? That one was an out and out lie as I only restarted the boiler eight times… Smudgelet did it the other two times!