Daily Archives: April 2, 2007


Apologies for the previous post being just for me (and meaningful just for one other) – but you might make of it what you will.

Now, despite my utter longing to make the most of this beautiful sunny morning … or even to sit and fritter my morning away playing freecell (now surely that must be classed as productive use of time?)… I have a house to sort out. Not only for the Wightmeet – though that is getting ever closer – but also because we’re having special unexpected visitors tomorrow and I want a) to be able to let them past the front door without issuing safety equipment and mountaineering gear and b) to be able to go out and about on our beautiful Island without feeling that I really really really ought to be at home shovelling clutter. So I hereby announce my intentions of GETTING.ON.WITH.IT. I will be back in fifteen minutes (and not before) to log my progress.

In anticipation I hereby state the time after which I will subject myself to scrutiny as to whether I have indeed GOT.ON.WITH.IT or whether I have instead been drawn into IDLE.DISTRACTION.

The next bit of blog will be no earlier than 11:15am (BST)
Hmmmm. not too good so far. A phone call (incoming), an email from the architect(incoming) and an email to Social Sevices (outgoing). I haven’t even put the dishwasher on yet!!! To work, Smudgie, to work.

12.45: Not bad, considering my friend M called round after coffee morning and forced me, totally against my will, you understand, to sit and chat and drink yet more coffee with her before going outside into the sunshine and discussing my plans for the garden. But I have cleared three drawers into which to decant other important bits and pieces; I’ve half filled a binbag with papers; I have cleared half my desk of unnecessarinesses; I’ve loaded the dishwasher and put it on; and I am about the tackle the second part of the desk before moving on to the table.


One in the form of my brother,
One in the form of a nagging friend,
One in the form of a phone call last night from someone with massive insight and some good ideas.
Thanks to that person.
That particular angel might well understand this blog which will doubtless mean little to anyone else but my angel, my baby and me.

We played with empty and full glasses this morning, Smudgelet and I… two glasses the same size from which we poured the water from one into the other. Then we added more and more glasses and found that the one glass could only fill one. Even a larger glass could only fill one and a bit, but many of the glasses still stayed empty.

At first it backfired… but then it began to make sense – a hug, some tears, and a bit of understanding.