Daily Archives: November 25, 2006

Not to be undertaken lightly.

It was a mistake, I knew it, catching that earlier train.
It was delayed by a slower train before it. Bear in mind that the catamaran goes every half hour and the train was only half an hour earlier than our scheduled train. We arrived at Portsmouth station at the very far end of the platform at 6.11 pm. The Fastcat leaves at… yes, you’ve guessed it…. 6.15pm.
I have never run so fast. Well, I have, but it was when I was a lot fitter and considerably less… well, considerably less, really.

We made it.

Tiddles nearly didn’t make it. He took off me the bag I was carrying. I protested that he was already carrying a bag and shouldn’t carry two. He replied, “yes, but you’re carrying a bag already too – it’s your tummy!”



Tractor Girl was right, she’s not the only duckie-blogger tonight. We set forth in fear and trembling this morning, unsure whether the catamaran would be sailing with the rather rough seas. It was a bit… er… let’s say I was trying to find the words to the song with the line “Bobbing up and down like this!” while Smudgelet valiently pretended he was… er… excited?

The Duck tour of London is highly recommended. Oh what fun!


Duck too

All aboard

Onto the river

One of the bridges

From there to another major treat, our family Christmas treat and a thank-you to the Smudgelets for their patience when things get postponed or cancelled because of Grandad’s illness. Both boys had asked for a video of Polar Express because they hadn’t seen it before, so when I found out that it was on in 3D at the IMAX cinema at the perfect timing between lunch and our train it was a MUST. We donned the rather cool 3D glasses and prepared for the most amazing experience…

Groovy, man

It was simply the funniest, most exciting, most enjoyable, fantabulous day. We travelled home tired but happy. This says it all, really.

Or simply tired (but happy)