Daily Archives: November 24, 2006

Lead swingers

I have, in one house, a poorly Smudgelet and, in another house, a poorly dad.

I was summoned to remove my son from school as he had inconsiderately thrown up on the carpet and in the waste paper bin and was a rather interesting shade of green. I suggested they might like to keep him, but they were rather insistant that I bring him home. He is now bright as a button and perpetually bobbing out of his room to a) stick his nose into what’s going on in the outside world and b) declare that he’s “better now, and not the slightest bit sleepy”. Little malingerer. I am motherly and sympathetic, of course and have barricaded him in his room. I don’t want him poorly tomorrow!

On the other hand, Dad, who has every reason to be poorly, is definitely malingering. He was “in too much pain and too unwell” to go to the Day Centre today… until I’d rung them and cancelled. Then there was a miracle recovery and he too is bright as a button. My poor brother is trying valiently to lay new hall flooring for Dad but every so often appears at my front door, tearing his hair (what’s left of it) out because Dad’s gone into the toilet AGAIN – a 20 minute minimum stay, with attendance by whoever is caring for him – or because he’s asleep and my brother daren’t make any noise. AAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! Goodness knows what will happen next week when he’s supposed to be going in to give us a week’s respite. He’s determined not to go.

Still, tomorrow we escape for the day……. as long as we’re all well enough!

Let there be light

How wonderful to have the perfect excuse to bathe surrounded by lots of candles. Getting dressed by torchlight, and going to the loo by feel alone, these are maybe the less romantic side of having a blown fuse. The fuses I bought were, of course, the wrong size. Goes without saying. And nobody, but nobody, except an obscure little electric store hidden away in Newport stocks ones of the correct size.

“You’d do better with a MCB” I’m told. What? Bulldoze the whole bungalow and start again? Ah, not a JCB, a Mini Circuit Breaker. Right. But our local hardware shop doesn’t stock them so I drive to obscure little electric store anyway. No, they don’t stock that type, so send me down the road to dauntingly “trade” suppliers who take one look, shake their heads and say “Sorry, your fuse box is obsolete. You’re going to need a completely new fuse box”. Bidding a hasty retreat, I return to obscure little electric store and buy a pack of fuses.

But now, we have light! Yippeeeeee!