What a day!

God is good. At last I have made peace with my sister – at least temporarily – as she offloaded to me some of the things on her mind which are clearly affecting her judgement in other areas. I am convinced this is due to your prayers as it came out of the blue this morning.

Also out of the blue came our sudden plunge into darkness. I was sitting on the loo at the time – Smudgelet turned the kitchen light on and… you’ve guessed it… blew a fuse. No problem, I had a spare one in my toolbox. Problem… it was a dud. No problem, we use a torch. Problem, the children have “relocated” the torch, in various different locations. No problem, I’m going to BnQ later and can buy some new ones. Good plan, put into action. This evening, by torchlight, I try to fit new fuses, only to discover that they are totally the wrong size. So here I sit by candlelight!

Darkness of another kind at the news that a dear friend’s father is nearing his end. Her father and mine seem to have walked this journey side by side most of the way. My heart is aching for her, especially as it brings back all the strong strong memories of the last days with my mum.

As for my own father, here is my post from the prayer thread on the ship:
At the hospital today we heard news that was far from unexpected. Dad’s cancer is growing very aggressively. They had reached the stage where they had decided to use a last-ditch treatment which until now had been judged more risky than beneficial but now judged worth the risk. However, the tablet has to be taken with aspirin and Dad is losing so much blood that they can’t give him aspirin, which means the tablets cannot be given either.

In some ways this is good news – none of us want to see his suffering prolonged – but hearing it stated so blandly came as a bit of a shock. We’re not sure of the implications timewise or healthwise – I need to talk to the Mac nurse – but your continued prayers are very much appreciated, especially for my Dad.

Small wonder I had a migraine tonight. But there was compensation of sorts in watching Tiddles do his first real canter on horseback. Despite being nicknamed Billy Elliot because he can’t help pointing his toes, and despite trying to be a bit too big for his boots by letting go of the saddle and nearly going into orbit, he actually managed it remarkably well.

Now methinks I hear my bed beckoning… though it’s very tempting simply to curl up on the sofa again with Charlie Cat in front of the fire… where I’ve spent most of this evening asleep. Shove up Charlie….

8 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. (((Smudgie)))

    (I hope my terrible attempts at your forfeit over at The Other Place make you smile a little).

  2. I’m glad, and your comment over at mine did make me laugh, I’d not made the connection before!

    Anyway – hugs for you and yours.

  3. add our prayers from the Swansea corner of wibworld. even "not unexpected" can be very difficult to deal with when it’s actually there in black and white. Hugs, thoughts, prayers, alice & benjamin xx

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