Daily Archives: November 22, 2006

Not sure what to make of this

but I thought you might like it.

I rather like teasing my eldest son. The other night, after an exchange of witticisms, he turned to me and said…

“I think I get my sense of humour from you.”

Teasing, I replied “How can that be? You haven’t got a sense of humour!”

“Hmmm..” he said, “precisely”!

That boy is getting far too smart for his own good.

Prayers appreciated

I seem to be on a collision course towards falling out with my sister.
It’s one of those nightmare situations – I have talked to my other sister openly about it and asked her to tell me honestly where I am at fault because I can’t think of it myself and I’d far sooner apologise and sort it if I’ve done something wrong. But no, it’s just one of those things.
But I can see my close relationship with my sister being irrevocably damaged and can’t do a blind thing about it.
Please pray that our friendship comes through this relatively unscathed, that I remain patient and adaptable and ready to accept censure where it is really due, and that whatever is weighing so heavily upon my sister as to make her irrational and argumentative can pass. We need each other rather a lot at the moment – this is the last thing we need.