Daily Archives: November 16, 2006

Where are the squashed fly biscuits?

What a shame, I was sure I had some in the cupboard.
If it hadn’t been for that, we’d have managed a proper “Swallows and Amazons” tea.
Total experimentation – Pemmican Cakes.
One bowlful of mashed potatoes, mixed up with some squashed-up pemmican (known to the uninitiated as corned beef), rolled into little patties and fried in butter. Mmmmmmmmmm. These had the unoptional extra of a touch of swede mashed in as well, seeing as the mashed potato and swede was already made and needed using up. This was not, of course, the reason for the idea. Oh no. not at all. Heaven forbid.
Accompanied, of course, by grog. All good sailors drink grog with their pemmican cakes (known to the uninitiated as lemonade).
A taste of three foods in one – economical nutrition – in the form of chocolate with fruit and nuts… except that we didn’t have any of that (wonder why not… *innocent look*..) so the new cadbury mint cakes (“Made for sharing”… sacriledge!) had to do instead. And, because of the lack of squashed fly biscuits, toffypops to spoil the day.
Swallows and Amazons for ever.