You’ll recall that I had a visitor from America for a couple of days about three weeks ago.
You’ll probably also recall that I had a visitor from Australia for a long weekend about two weeks ago.
This weekend I have a visitor from the Cayman Islands, and a very welcome one at that. It’s my nephew. We grew up together, being only 4 years apart in age, and last year you may recall me posting some photos from his wedding. We’ve not seen him since then, but he’s popped in for the weekend “as he was passing”. My delight is almost tangible.

I’m also rather pleased with myself. He’s brought a copy of the wedding video. I was responsible for filming the whole wedding – a last minute offer as they hadn’t thought of arranging for anyone to do it. It was the first time I’d done anything like it. I hadn’t seen the finished result, although several of my family have been raving about it and my nephew and his wife even bought me a book on becoming a professional photographer for Christmas! And though I say so myself as shouldn’t, it really is rather good! I’m delighted, mostly because it was a gift I was able to give them that was worth more than any other. But I have to admit that the thought of doing it professionally is rather appealing.