Make your mind up, Tiddles

Typical teenager.

This morning, Tiddles made it perfectly clear to Smudgelet that he was unimpressed with the latter’s inability to do as he was told by the former. It was not on that Smudgelet wandered off and left Tiddles to empty the dishwasher alone.

Five minutes later, Smudgelet goes to apologise and to offer to help Tiddles who was tidying his room ready for the arrival of the Central Heating man to steal all our radiators tomorrow. (Heaven help him, trying to get at the one behind Tiddles’ bed. We all know about the uncharted recesses of behind a boy’s bed!). He asked if he could help and was greeted with “GET OUT OF MY ROOM”!

In the car Tiddles then refused to speak to me or to listen to what I said. Strangely, when it came to stopping outside the school to drop him off, I had a similar bout of deafness……

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