Success (2)

I have managed to book not just one holiday in October, but two!

Well, two half holidays.

The weekend of Tiddles and My birthdays we are going on a surprise holiday. As it is a surprise, I know nothing about it, of course. I have managed to fulfil the Smudgelets’ dream and booked a long weekend in a caravan. It’s in a popular tourist area…. the sunny Isle of Wight. I understand lots of people go there for their holidays. Luckily it’s the other side of the Island – miles and miles away from home 😀

Then I used my brain and I sent a mass email to every b&b in the New Forest/Portsmouth area and asked if they had any availability for the few days I had free. And what do you know? We’ve found somewhere. It’s a lovely-looking b&b in Romsey and I’ve replied and asked to book it for three nights. The Smudgelets have been informed that, if their bedrooms aren’t tidy by then, Auntie M has offered to have them to stay with her instead and make them work instead of coming with me. 😉 We’re mean, you know.

2 thoughts on “Success (2)

  1. Ooh, I stayed on a caravan site miles and miles away from you on the other side of the island. It was when I was 9 (I think). Maybe you’ll be in the same place (Brighstone)?

  2. No, we’re going to.. er.. Shan kleen, I think the place is called 😉 here

    (Hmm.. do links work in comments? Soon find out!)

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