Tis a far far fouler thing….

I finally bestirred myself to get on and get the house at least to the state of cleanliness and tidiness where I can say “I’m really sorry, I haven’t had time to clean or tidy the house so it looks a real state, please take me as you find me” rather than being exposed for the domestic godless that I am.

Thank goodness for my wonderful friend M who called round this morning to see if I had a copy of “Feed the World”. I didn’t, but offered to see if I could find a downloadable version online … and while I was engaged at the computer, she wielded the mop in my porch and little hallway.

This is why I am finding it extremely difficult to forgive Charlie cat who, as a token of admiration for our incoming guest, brought her the most generous gift he could imagine. As I walked to the door, there in the little hallway was……. the body and intestines of a mouse. How lovely! The surrounding red gore convinced me of the immediacy of the decapitation .. as did the floor of my porch, in the middle of which sat a rather surprised-looking little head.

Thanks Charlie.