Daily Archives: September 20, 2006

Frustrating or what?

First of all, Dad is poorly again. I think he has recaught the chest infection which he so kindly shared with Tiddles and me as he really is not well today and the doc has put him back on antibiotics as a precaution as he needs to be well enough for radiotherapy on Tuesday.

Just as frustrating is my attempt to take the children on a caravan holiday this coming month. We have two options – the weekend of Tiddles’ and my birthdays (though needing to be home on the Sunday afternoon, worst luck) or the second half of the half term break. The reasons for a caravan holiday – could it be that I am missing work THAT much? No indeed. But I fancy a self catering break where we’re beholden to nobody and can just chill out completely with things around us to amuse the kids. More to the point, the boys have chosen a holiday in a caravan park as their choice of birthday treat and, quite touched that they should want a family holiday rather than a party, I am determined to grant their wish (especially as Smudgelet has waited sooooooo long!)

I checked on the internet yesterday and was delighted to find there was a choice of about three different holidays at Haven for half term. Excellent! I rang my sister to check that she would definitely be happy for me to go away for those five days (I have to spend the first half of the week at home because I am single handed caring for Dad while one sister is at work and the other away on a long weekend in France). All is falling into place – it’s within my budget, we could go there by train and thus save a huge amount of money and hassle, it’s all absolutely perfect.

Only one snag. Log on this morning and all the accommodation’s gone. In fact, everywhere I check there’s only availability if we book for the whole week, Saturday to Saturday, which takes it completely out of our range. Looks like we’ll be going on the Isle of Wight for two nights early October instead. 🙁 I know there are people we could go and visit, and staying somewhere in a Travelodge wouldn’t be too bad either, but somehow I am so disappointed that I don’t know where to begin looking. I’m sad. 🙁 *sniff*

It’s almost enough to tempt me to go camping.

No it isn’t.

Tis a far far fouler thing….

I finally bestirred myself to get on and get the house at least to the state of cleanliness and tidiness where I can say “I’m really sorry, I haven’t had time to clean or tidy the house so it looks a real state, please take me as you find me” rather than being exposed for the domestic godless that I am.

Thank goodness for my wonderful friend M who called round this morning to see if I had a copy of “Feed the World”. I didn’t, but offered to see if I could find a downloadable version online … and while I was engaged at the computer, she wielded the mop in my porch and little hallway.

This is why I am finding it extremely difficult to forgive Charlie cat who, as a token of admiration for our incoming guest, brought her the most generous gift he could imagine. As I walked to the door, there in the little hallway was……. the body and intestines of a mouse. How lovely! The surrounding red gore convinced me of the immediacy of the decapitation .. as did the floor of my porch, in the middle of which sat a rather surprised-looking little head.

Thanks Charlie.