Better late than never

I have still to thank Fishsoup properly for the fantastic book I received through the WISE exchange. It was unputdownable, despite my uncertainty when first I saw it and read the blurb. Thank you, thank you, thank you 😀


And while I’m on Flickr, I thought you might like to see my latest little project. I had been under an urge to do some knitting. I’m a bit of an impulsive knitter, not consistent in any way and hopeless at anything which requires long periods of time and concentration as I tend to lose interest after a while. Thus the jumper I was knitting for Tiddles during introductions with Smudgelet (to let him know that he was not being forgotten in favour of a younger brother) remains one arm and a back and five rows of the second arm. Goodness knows where I put the pattern. Goodness knows what this says to Tiddles!

So, some knitting was the order of the day, but nothing which required a lot of thought or extended knitting time as I can be called away at a moment’s notice and need to be able to put it down and pick it up again for minutes at a time. My friend M suggested squares but I shuddered at the thought to be honest – far too monotonous for me at the moment, suitable only for knitting while watching TV and there’s not all that much worth watching just lately. So I was delighted when someone on the Ship of Fools suggested looking at a pattern on the Innocent Smoothie website.

Any pattern for which the first instruction is “Tune in to Radio 4” has to be good! So here I am, knitting tiny woolly hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles to keep them warm in the fridge. They’ll be sent off to the company who intend to sell them, sitting on top of the bottles (the hats, that is, not the sellers), to raise money for Age Concern. 50p per woolly hat can’t be bad. And it’s giving me some fun and a good way to pass the time too, and something to talk to dad about as I finish each one and get his advice on colours and patterns! So far four are complete and one is just five rows along the way.


Anyway, can’t stop now, I’ve got knitting to do……

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