I have to say that all is not gloom and doom at Smudgie Towers and we are still fitting in lots of fun.
The end of the holidays was marked in fine fashion as we met up with a friend from the mainland and her children for the day. Fantastic! A lovely family and great fun to spend time with, although the children had never met before. Three of the four visiting children have particular difficulties which mean that life is a little tougher for them and that spending the day with my gruesome twosome could have been quite a challenge. But no, it was great and all six children really hit it off – including the little four-year-old who fell in love with Tiddles and spent almost all day holding his hand or riding piggy-back. Tiddles was a star!

We spent the day at Robin Hill. If you’re visiting the Island with children, this place is an absolute MUST and even knocks Blackgang Chine into a cocked hat. Maybe not so much for adults alone, but a lovely place for a family walk while the children indulge their imaginations and exuberance to the limits. There’s loads to do and see, I have chosen only two to give you a tiny appetiser…….

Who could resist a visit to DuckDown-on-the-Green, that archetypal English village, complete with school, sweet shop and pub?

At one point we totally lost several of the boys. Tiddles was tracked down playing on the slide with his little admirer, but where were the rest?