Daily Archives: August 28, 2006

And the prize goes too……

Well, much to my surprise, the prize for correctly guessing the venue of our weekend out goes all the way to the southern hemisphere. Deeleea you got it in one. We went to a perennial favourite, the Garlic Festival. http://www.garlic-festival.co.uk/ (That would be a link if I could only get the hang of doing the blessed things, but as it is you’re perfectly capable of cutting and pasting).

Today’s excitement came in the form of a visit to Arreton Manor, most historic building on the Island and alledgedly most haunted too! http://www.arretonmanor.co.uk/ It was brilliant (as was their coffee and cakes, I have to admit) and the guide was so interesting and informative that we could remember pretty well every single thing she’d told us, such as how old you had to be to join King Charles 1st’s army and why the doors in the house were so small and how the monks recycled water and how they tested mediaeval bullet-proof vests!