We’re hoooooome!

I told you life would be a bit more upbeat today. And it’s true. A lie in and a wallow in the bath washed away all the irritations that bugged me through the night. Then the Smudgelets and I decided to see if we could learn a piece of music that we could all play together – Smudgelet on recorder, Tiddles on piano and me on accordion playing the main part. It’s coming along nicely, thank you very much. And now Tiddles is playing badminton with his auntie, I am sat at the computer for half an hour, and Smudgelet is busy making his teddybear a waistcoat.

We had a fantastic holiday all told. Sidmouth yet again did us proud with lots of new adventures and visiting old favourites too – it was a really strange sensation to know that we’re not planning to go back again next year. Now, let’s have a look at my flickr account and see what photos to bore you with…

Where's Wally? Here is a picture of the Smudgelets on the beach at Sidmouth. And no, the lady in the black swimming costume is NOT me! I wasn’t half so adventurous, I just contented myself with getting Tiddles to put up a deckchair for me to lounge in…

Now how does this work again?

Afraid I was rather obsessed with the beauty of the stones on the beach. “mummy, why on earth are you taking photographs of stones?” Well, does this answer your question?

A perennial favourite is going to the jousting and cheering on Sir Lancelot in his battle against the evil (and exceedingly rude) Sir Guy of Guisborne. A good place to go if you want to be insulted.
Sir Lancelot du Lac

I made it Smudgelet and I are quite pleased with this photo. We climbed the 90 steps on a wonderful walk to the highest waterfall in England, the beautiful Canonteign Falls. If you’re ever in Devon, this is one place I can thoroughly recommend – the air is so uncommonly pure and the environment so beautiful and relaxing (apart from the walk!) Here is what made it all worthwhile:

Canonteign falls