What a pain boys are when in close confines for too long. How taxing it is on the parental patience. How quickly my delight at seeing my children again wore off.

Kill two birds with one stone. Auntie J took Tiddles off for the afternoon on Saturday while Smudgelet and I took the fishtank round to grandad’s and cleaned it all out. We also managed to get grandad in the car for a short ride and an icecream, combined with a trip to the garden centre to purchase a new airpump for the tank. (So much for it being a cheap treat for Smudgelet to do up the old fishtank – I ended up having to buy almost all of it from scratch!)

The following day it was my turn. Still accompanied by Smudgelet I went to the same venue as Tiddles. It wasn’t really the best weather for it, and being pecuniarily restricted put a bit of a damper on it, but we still had a fantastic time exploring all the tents and side shows and watching some fantastic arena displays. Where did we go? Well, see if you can work it out from the little clue below. (The first picture is not a clue, it’s just a picture of one of the displays that, in blustery winds and at a height of 40 feet with no form of safety device, simply took my breath away – as a spectator, I hasten to add!)

vander brothers at garlic festival


Got it yet?

2 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. I have no idea [odd that! :D], but my breath was taken away also. Yikes!

    And sounds like you had a wonderful holiday: and a well deserved one. Thanks for sharing the great photos.

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