Daily Archives: May 27, 2006


Tomorrow we are off on an adventure.
Tiddles is at camp, my brother-in-law is here to help my sister look after Dad, so Smudgelet and I are off on an adventure. It’s a surprise one – he doesn’t know about it yet… partly for the fun of keeping it as a surprise but mostly so he’s not disappointed if anything happens to stop it going ahead.

What could happen?
Well, Tiddles could have a problem which prevents him going back to camp. He is only stopping for the final night because of his sleep problem, the rest of the time he has just been doing days and coming home, smelling of smoke, for the nighttime.
Dad could suffer a relapse. He’s had his first good night’s sleep and good day in ages. He has been for a couple of walks round the garden, eaten well and stayed awake much of the day, 🙂 but sadly this has made him quite depressed as he has been bored rigid and not interested in anything and realising how little life has left to offer him 🙁 On the plus side, it gave my sister opportunity to talk with him about his care and reassure him that we would help out. On the minus side, she is hoping not to come back this week and I have five days single handed to look forward to :S
My sister could be taken ill. She has a funny tummy today, though I think it’s nerves as much as anything.
Smudgelet could not survive until tomorrow.. he is really pushing his luck today. There’s a part of me that does not particularly want an adventure with him!

But all these things permitting, tomorrow we are going by boat and train in the direction of….. drum roll, please…… London. It’s his “coming of age” treat before he moves from primary school to middle and has been long awaited. Apologies to those who offered us accommodation while in the big city or anyone who might have liked to meet up but somehow I need a break with nobody else around and it’s only overnight. But if anyone spots a harrassed but excited old woman with an exceedingly excited and non-stop-chattering nine-year-old boy doing the sights, the British Museum and the London Eye then give me a wave – or better still, buy me a coffee 😀 We have a cheap and cheerful hotel booked, tickets for the London Eye reserved, a second mortgage taken out for spending money, and the determination to make the very most of our 24 hour escape to the mainland.

Watch out for your postcards (not that we’re sending any, but watch out for them anyway 😉 )