Daily Archives: May 18, 2006

Happy birthday Smudgelet

Nathan and Grandad

Grandad is home at last. We are readjusting to a routine of care which has greatly increased since his stay in the hospice… he’s a very poorly man. But the good news was, he was home for Smudgelet’s birthday, much to the latter’s delight, and was even able to join in the celebrations .. just catching a nap every time Smudgelet’s back was turned and being grateful that we stayed only half an hour and sent over his birthday tea in a food parcel!

Smudgelet beamed all day. I can’t believe he’s nine already. Where have the years gone? We dealt with a bit of bullying at school and hopefully he’s learned a few lessons about not letting the bullies have their own way. It’s a crazy world where children make each other’s lives miserable just because they don’t run with the herd. Smudgelet likes playing football but really isn’t interested in all the peripheral football fan stuff and just doesn’t wear the right gear. Should that really make him fair game for the bullies? He’s also had a counselling session with someone from the hospice which he really enjoyed. A strange ninth birthday, all told.

Meanwhile I am running through in my mind all the scenarios for discussing with Tiddles the choice of websites he’s been making on my computer recently. Suffice to say that my plan to install the internet in his room has been put indefinitely on hold. Boys will be boys and I was expecting to find magazines hidden under the bed in a year or two’s time, but the internet holds some pretty ghastly stuff which I’d rather he didn’t go a-seeking right now…. my thirteen year old with the emotional development of a three year old! Heaven help us when his good looks start impressing the girls (sufficiently for them to overlook what a twithead he is!!!)

My six weird things will be coming soon, by the way. I haven’t forgotten. Watch this space!