Snot fair at all

Dith, you’ve failed.
I feel poorly and miserable.
Worst of all, it looks doubtful that I should attempt the Walk the Wight tomorrow.
I am downright disappointed. I really shouldn’t even go and visit Dad instead. In fact, he seems healthier than me today!
My sister has offered to do part of the walk for me and to keep Tiddles company if I still feel the same tomorrow so you won’t get out of parting with your hard-earned cash.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, things are a bit tough as I’ve upset my other sister inadvertantly. I need to phone her to make amends but feel so grotty that I am finding it hard to think of what to say. It’s one of those awful situations where we both think we’re in the right and, although I know precisely where I am at fault, I can’t think how I could have done it any differently and really didn’t expect her to take it the way she did, so it’s hard to get the wording quite right even when my brain’s in full gear.
Dad looks to be coming home on Tuesday. He is far better than we expected him to be at the moment and today is back to his ebullient “I will be fine without any extra support cos I’m going to get better again” mood. Hmmm… wonderful to see but harder to cope with in many ways, especially when I’ve just given up my job! 😉
Now, where’s the Lemsip?

4 thoughts on “Snot fair at all

  1. Wish that virtual tissues were more effective because then I could send you a whole pile.
    Seriously look after yourself

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