It would cause Smudgelet great embarrassment if I were to share with you the story of what happened this afternoon….

… the story of how two shipmates came over for the afternoon to take the boys out for some fun while my sister and I sat at the hospice (and also had some quality time together)

… the story of how they all went to Robin Hill and the children got really soaked playing Splash Attack (a brilliant game where there is a board with buttons which light up at random and, if you don’t hit the lit buttons fast enough, they squirt a jet of water at you)

… the story of how some small person had forgotten to put any pants in his bag of clothes to change into and so was advised by said shipmates just to put his trousers on

… the story of how, a little later in the day, they were walking down a nettle-ridden footpath away from the car in a deserted and derelict old holiday village (forgive us our “trespasses” !) en route to the secret beach when a certain small person discovered that he wished he’d visited a toilet before he set out… and not for any minor purpose either

….. the story of how the assembled company had no tissues or wet wipes or other convenient wiping materials with the exception of one church news-sheet….

… the story of how they arrived home minus one church news sheet and how a certain small person waddled at high speed past the greeting mother in search of a washing machine and a bath…..

… and the story of how a shipmate entrusted with the care of certain small person had been unable to help him in his hour of need due to a cruel and heartless burst of the giggles!!!! 😉

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