Bright ideas

This afternoon, as a break from the emotional rollercoaster which is life at the moment, my sister and I decided to go out for a couple of hours, first for a rather scrummy lunch at Brading Roman Villa and then for a training walk on the Downs. The Walk the Wight is looming rather scarily on the horizon and I am rather noticeably unprepared for it.

It was a lovely afternoon, but rather windy, so we decided to venture down a favourite path which led down to the Brading butterfly walk, a chalk quarry site which has been planted with wild plants to encourage butterflies and includes some wickerwork and carved models by local artists and children (though somewhat in need of renovation). It was such a lovely walk. We saw a fair few butterflies, including one which I am convinced was the Island’s own Glanville Fritillary – a rather dull butterfly for such a grand name, being brown with brown spots, but for all that an exciting sight as it’s found only on the Isle of Wight and nowhere else in the whole wide world. By unspoken agreement, we focussed on positive chat and it was blissful to feel no obligation to anyone, just having a lovely walk with my sister with whom I am very very close.

I tried out my new digital camera a few times, though the pictures are being saved for another day. It was then I had my brainwave. I should collect photos from various spots on the Walk the Wight route……. and then post them on here one-by-one on May 14th while enjoying a cup of coffee and a box of chocolates in my favourite armchair! 😀

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