Wiblog entry for 27/04/2006

Thank you, everyone, for all your support.
In many ways the news today has changed nothing. For me, I knew already about the situation and am, in some ways, relieved not to be holding this secret any longer. But it’s hard knowing that Dad knows and having nothing I can say that will make things easier.
He’s no iller than he was this morning, except that he is. As you might expect, he has declined tonight as the bolster of denial has been siezed away from him. He is very confused and vulnerable.
Thank you, Dith, for the words of the “long-distance-daughter” which was the catylist I needed to swallow my pride and phone my sister and ask her to come. It will be easier to cope with some moral support at hand, even just for the weekend, and it will get me through tomorrow’s appointment which is something I could do without having to be bothered with right now as I simply haven’t the energy to think about it.

Meanwhile I am getting an early night tonight 😀