Bad news

The news was as expected. The prostate cancer is growing rapidly and no longer responding to treatment. The bleeding from his bladder means that he cannot take aspirin any more which means that the only other medication to halt the prostate cancer cannot be given because of the inherrant risks if not taken with aspirin. Result – there is no longer any valid treatment to arrest or delay the cancer apart from the interesting approach of stopping his cancer medication altoghether which apparently has a slight chance of jolting his system into doing something for itself.

The weakness and sleepiness could be due to the growth of the cancer. At least that is giving Dad an explanation for it.

Please pray for comfort for Dad tonight as he faces coming to terms with this news. And for the rest of the family too as we face this not-unexpected news with the utmost of mixed emotions and a sense of helplessness.

12 thoughts on “Bad news

  1. Hugs, prayers – just because we keep saying it doesn’t mean they’re getting any less sincere.

    Also praying for your boys, that they are able to handle the news.

  2. 2 emotional feelings in 1 day from your posts. Maybe I should stop reading them!!

    Prays will be sent. Love to the family.

  3. My prayers with you also. As has already been said, although the words come easy the sentiment is still strong.

    May you all have the strength to deal with the future.

  4. prayers for you all, your dad, you, the boys, and your siblings and their families.

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