Snuggle time

It was rather nice this evening.

Smudgelet does not really need to go to bed as early as Tiddles (despite being the younger) and Tiddles has asked that his brother be allowed to stay up a bit longer so that he, Tiddles, has chance to get to sleep before Mr Chatty comes in the room. This has become more imperative seeing as they are having to sleep in the one end of the room together while the other half is full of all the clutter moved while we were doing all the DIY. One day I shall have to do something about it all!

So this evening I gave it a try. I tucked Tiddles in, then took Smudgelet off into the lounge for an extra half hour. It was delightful. I fetched him “Diary of a Killer Cat” by Anne Fine, a lovely and very funny book, and he and I curled up together on the sofa, reading side by side. I finally found myself engrossed in a book once more – half an hour of peace to read before I’m actually too tired to do it, but no interruptions from quarrelling or playful boys because Smudgelet, a budding reader, was engrossed in a story of his own. I am currently, therefore, rediscovering a teenage favourite, Rosemary Sutcliffe and reliving the adventures of the Eagle of The Ninth. Bliss!