A conversation I’d really rather have missed out on

You’ll be pleased to know (though not as pleased as I am) that a friend of Dad’s has agreed to come and daddy-sit and make lunch for him on Friday. This is a good thing. It means I can go for my consultation with a clear mind and concentrate on the matter in hand. Hmm… is that a good thing?

I was in the doctor’s waiting room – the real one, not the one here with Doctor-2B-Yay – waiting for Dad to come out from his three-monthly visit to the nurse and I got talking with a lovely old lady who was telling me rather racy tales of her childhood! Suddenly she said “You know, I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for St Mary’s”. I was impressed and told her how rare it was to hear people sing the praises of our local hospital. She disillusioned me very fast. “No, I mean I wouldn’t be here at the doctor’s today, getting treatment for an injury they caused during a routine small investigative operation”. She went on to describe in eye-watering detail the mistake the hospital had made and the ensuing pain and discomfort that simply wasn’t going away.

Suffice to say it was more eye-watering for me than for the other patients in the waiting room. Did I mention I was going to the hospital on Friday for the consultation prior to a small investigative op?

8 thoughts on “A conversation I’d really rather have missed out on

  1. Suitably encouraging noises.

    Btw, Smudgie, you are a great loon. You already have my e-mail addy! (Look on the JustGiving site if you have forgotten.)

    Looking forward to assembling some flat-pack dinosaurs. Brachipods, bivalves or trilbites anyone (showing off my rudimentary geological knowledge. Yeah, I know, more sad than impressive!)

  2. For the pedants who know about geology, I know it is spelt ‘trilobites’. That was a typo, rather than ignorance.

    Tho’ the scope of my ignorance is pretty vast…

  3. You have nothing to worry about. I’ve had several operations and, apart from having the remains of 3 people, 2 goats, a giraffe (called Les) and a T-Rex sewn inside me, never had a problem.

    Plus you may find that the hospital will close before you get there…

  4. The sentiment is greatly appreciated, Ian, but I had to admit it brought tears to my eyes thinking of things from DOWN UNDER *blush*

  5. Oh, all the best – I know I was a wimp before mine, but afterwards was fine. Make sure someone’s around to pamper you for at least 24 hours, although you can of course sleep while the boys are at school!

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