Daily Archives: April 4, 2006


…he did go to sleep. And today he’s done loads of sleeping too. I’d have loved the chance to join him!
He’s still very buoyant – although it may be wearing off to some extent. No longer fit enough to go for a proper walk, he’s rediscovered the path to my front door. This would be lovely if he could but fit in with what we’re doing at the time, but he gets irritated that I won’t just drop everything and make him a cuppa and sit and chat with him… so at the moment he’s very put out that he’s been made to feel unwelcome when he arrived at my busiest moment. Oh dear – it’ll blow over.

I traded children today – got rid of Tiddles and gained Smudgelet’s best friend for the day. I couldn’t believe that when I put my plan into action to take them to the latest soft play venue for a couple of hours, I arrived there and discovered I’d forgotten to put the laptop in the car. So much for my plan to type up my essay while they play. So I was forced to sit back and drink coffee and watch the little toddlers risking life and limb beneath the feet of the bigger children, totally oblivious to the danger they’re in. It brought back happy memories of when Smudgelet was tinier – then suddenly this great hulking boy emerged from the depths of the pirate palace and it took me a moment or two to realise it was him!

Can I go to bed now?