Daily Archives: April 3, 2006

I can see it’s going to be a long long night.

Although in fact, I guess, it’s going to be a short short night as far as sleeping is concerned.

I blame the morphine. I was rejoicing today – the increase in Dad’s painkiller is having the delightful side effect of lightening his mood considerably and he’s really enjoying life as well as getting some relief from the pain. His friend came round today and instead of Dad being miserable and moaning about him( as he usually does!), the two of them had a grand old time going through photos of my childhood (oh the embarrassment!) and nattering away. Ian stayed for lunch and almost stayed for tea instead of the usual couple of hours and they had a grand old time. I mentioned to my sisters that if it improved Dad’s mood so much, I might give him a little more morphine tomorrow!

But tonight I am reaping the drawbacks instead of the benefits. He’s high as a kite. Giggly, chatty, totally tipsy, drowsy and full of the joys of spring. Can I get him to go to bed? Can I heck as like. He wants to talk. I had to stand over him and force feed him his teatime tablets and his nighttime tablets all in one go at 9.45 tonight. Since 8.30 he had been getting ready for bed. Hmmm… then why precisely had he not yet had a wash, cleaned his teeth, been to the toilet or got into his pyjamas? Why precisely? He hadn’t even finished his tea – too many distractions. Mind you, he had at one point fallen into a deep sleep in his chair and woke up needing M (who was babysitting while I fetched Tiddles home from Scouts) to go over and switch the light on as he was trapped in his chair and didn’t dare cross the darkened room to get to the light switch.

Now I’m waiting for the bathroom light to go off, signalling that it’s time for me to go over and do the final tucking into bed routine. Something tells me it will be quite a while yet.

Testing testing

Hmm… done the next quarter of the lounge. Well, almost a quarter anyway.
Trouble is, I’ve followed my brother’s advice of moving the tower of my PC further away from my monitor so that it doesn’t overheat so quickly. Hmm.. great. It’s fine in every respect apart from (a) The Smudgelets will no longer be able to reach the CD drive to play Lego Racers – no bad thing in my book! and (b) you now need arms as long as an orangutan to reach the keyboard. Not so good

So now I am testing out how good my long-distance touch typing is!

Answer – not very.

I think the next step is to save up for a wireless keyboard or something. Or can you buy keyboard extension leads?

Fitfy fifty

OK, so I didn’t go swimming.
It was a bit of a disaster really – I had barricaded my mobile phone in the kitchen with the cat at night and couldn’t face demolishing the fortifications in order to get back in and rescue it, so I decided to make do with an alarm clock. Pah! Won’t make that mistake again! It decided not to ring until 7.30 this morning – far too late to go swimming, unless I hadn’t had to do Dad’s breakfast before I went. Oh woe is me, forced to have a lie in by a recalcitrant alarm clock 😉

But, on the other hand… look, look, look.

Not only is the kitchen sorted out – dishwasher and tumble drier busy on the last loads of the morning – and not only is the week’s shopping from Tesco ordered, but… look look look… the easy half of the lounge is all complete and heading in the direction of pristine. I can’t totally pristinify it otherwise Smudgelet would have nothing to do towards his “Home Help” badge. All hail the Cub Scout movement for inventing the home help badge. This week Smudgelet has to: keep his room tidy and make his bed; cook a meal and lay the table; do the washing up; do the laundry; sew a button on; sort out a cupboard and…. tidy the lounge!!! 😀 Happy mummy dance!

Meanwhile Tiddles is learning another valuable lesson in life. Two, in fact. That at £5 an hour, it takes a long long time to pay back a debt of £1000 ! And that if you don’t do the job properly, you don’t get paid and get to do it all over again. So this wall of skirting boards and door frames is going to need sanding again, if you please young man. 😀 Malicious, me? You bet!!!

Right, gird your loins, woman – there’s the hard half of the lounge still to do.

PS… Rosamundi and Tractor Girl, if you’re reading this – I haven’t really tidied the lounge at all. When you arrive and see it, this is its grubby state and it’s usually much cleaner and tidier… honest! 😉