Daily Archives: April 2, 2006

You should see my lounge!

Well, it would be nice if you could. It’s under there somewhere, I know it is.
It’ll wait until tomorrow. I have a day to myself tomorrow – no kids, and Dad has a visitor, so I’ll be undisturbed for an hour or two. I’ll do it then. At least, I’ll start it then. I’ll definitely think about starting it then.
I’d have done it tonight, of course, if it hadn’t been for talking to my sister on the telephone, putting the Smudgelets to bed, putting my dad to bed… and making Tired&emotional’s tea! And it’d be wrong of me not to go and get a good night’s sleep now, wouldn’t it?

Watch this space to find out whether I did, in fact, stick with my resolution to get up early tomorrow and go for a swim.

Yet more…. er… procrastination

You will be impressed to hear that I have had a burst of determination and tidied the lounge.

Hmmm… rephrase that.

You would be impressed to hear that I have had a burst of determination and tidied the lounge.
So would I.
If I had.

But I have been extremely industrious.. er… working out what Scout badges Tiddles could work on next and printing them out for him. That’s a meaningful spending of time, don’t you think?

And Jack the Lass has kindly reminded me how important a clean and tidy fridge is.

By then, of course, it will sadly be time to make the dinner for my menfolk. A woman’s work is never done! 😉

Thank you for the sunshine

A well earned break for five minutes, I think.

I am feeling quite pleased with myself at the moment. My procrastination is working wonders today. It’s the sunshine that’s done it. Thank you God. It always seems to give me a burst of energy and today’s sudden bright spell is no exception. I’m bright and breezy and raring to go.

I’ve done another two doorframes-ful of painting and a little bit of skirting board in between. I’ve probably got another load of grey hairs from it, and I have to admit that I spend the whole time muttering “I wish I could paint, I wish I could paint” as I’m hopeless at it – my hand’s not steady enough and I can’t hide the brushstrokes and with blotches and blunders left right and centre it never looks as lovely as it might – but it looks far more fresh and clean and welcoming and will probably look a treat when I have painted the walls and got my new carpet eventually installed! 🙂

Another job that’s been bugging me for ages – I took a mop and bucket outside and made several hundred rather large spiders homeless. I felt rather mean doing it… and rather nervous of how they might exact their revenge … but at least you no longer have to battle your way through a gossamer blanket (Call that gossamer? I’ve seen finer hessian rope!) to get to my front door.

It’s the beginning of a major attempt to get my home looking more like a home and less like a hovel – honestly, I am utterly ashamed of the place – and I am pleased to think that if I can keep this up, I should be living in a more suitable environment by the end of the summer.

What’s more, both the washing machine and the tumble drier are busy whirring round as the washing-conveyor-belt springs into action (six loads. SIX LOADS!) and the dishwasher is busy shining the dinner dishes. Impressed?

What do you mean, that doesn’t sound like procrastination? Oh it is, I tell you, it is. What I’m really supposed to be doing is tidying the lounge!