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Dave, I love the new site. Must remember it’s there! This cartoon seems to typify life at the moment. If there’s a difficult way and an easy way to do things, then the difficult always applies. The form came for me to relicence the car. You can do this very simply online these days, just going to the appropriate website and typing in the reference number. Did it work? Did it ‘eck. No, despite the fact that I pay my car insurance by direct debit and so it never actually expires, because the date of renewal has only just occured, the record of the policy hasn’t been added to the database of insured cars. So, they have proof I have an MOT but no proof of insurance online. Hence I must go to the Post Office before the end of the month and wave before them my insurance details (which are here on my desk) and my MOT certificate (which is somewhere deep in my “administration”!) Can they simply check my MOT online at the Post Office? The Post Office? Technology? You must be kidding.

There goes my Saturday morning!

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  1. You have my deepest sympathy. I’ve recently tried renew my licence online – until I got to the bit that asked me to type in something that was on my licence renewal reminder, which turned out to have a blank space where this thing was supposed to be …

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