I came home from taking Smudgelet to Cubs to discover there had been a phone call from my nephew.
He never rings.
We’re pretty close but I can’t remember him ever phoning me. Ever.
But he’d left a message saying that whatever time I got in, I should phone him tonight.
My heart started pounding. All I could think of was that my sister had been in an accident – both sisters and brothers-in-law are meeting up in a hotel for the weekend this weekend (woe is me, all left out!) – and C was phoning to break the news. How was I going to tell Dad?
I called several times and got the answerphone. “The person you are calling is on the phone”. No, I don’t want to leave a message, I want to know why on earth C is phoning me so urgently.

I had better pop over to Dad’s and surreptitiously make a bed up, I think. Tomorrow we’re having a surprise visitor overnight 😀 😀 😀

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  1. Is Santa coming already? You’re dad’s very lucky to get him to do home visits in March.

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