Daily Archives: March 5, 2006

And what’s more…

1) Brief Encounter, Goodnight Mr Tom, Pride and Prejudice,

2) Can’t really answer this one

3) 5 and 2

4) Mastermind

5) Roast lamb dinner with roast potatoes, carrots cut in circles, mint sauce and no gravy

6) 4th october, 19th May, 25th February

7) nowhere

8) Spring

9) undecided about this.


I’ve been tagged. I still intend to blog properly once the Smudgelets are in bed but, bearing in mind the aching of my poor muscles and throbbing of the hands and fingers since laying the carpet, there may be a greater call to luxuriate in some of my very expensive bubble bath and some perfectly hot water while admiring the rather impressive (if rather uneven) flooring in my bathroom. So while the Smudgelets indulge in Time Team, I will get on with my taggedness.

7 things to do: fill in the important form to claim some money, send the last remaining Christmas presents *blush*, send my Paschal Penguin chocolates a la Ship of Fools, plan the service for Sunday, paint the kitchen, find my bedroom, sort the towel cupboard, and, of course, do the ironing.

7 things I can’t do: do makeup, eat sprouts, cook brandy snaps, dance uninihibitedly at a disco, front crawl, meet Mr Utterly Perfect, see my feet 🙂

7 things that attract me to my mate: Well, bearing in mind the absolute absence of one at all, I’d agree with Jack that “existance” would be a good first step! After that – someone who could make me laugh, make me feel secure, someone trustworthy, someone who would share things, warm eyes, solid enough to snuggle up to, practical intelligence.

7 books I love: Eagle of the Ninth, The Chamber, Brother Cadfael, Outlander, Much Ado About Nothing, Collected Poems of John Donne, Winnie the Pooh.

7 things I say: Definitely, And you expect me to be sympathetic?, right, where’s your PE kit?, twithead, bother it, typical

7 movies I’ve loved: Pride and Prejudice, Ice Age, The Fugitive, Star Wars, Nanny MacPhee, Pretty Woman, Maverick

7 people to tag: Over to you 🙂

All I can say is…..

carpet fitters earn every penny they’re paid.

Still, my new bathroom carpet is a definite improvement on the last one, even if it doesn’t fit quite so well yet. And the little tunnels will add to the excitement when Charlie brings me a mouse home to play with in the middle of the night.