Daily Archives: March 4, 2006

The constant gardener

Just been to see it with M and J – fantastic. It’s still haunting me. I wasn’t sure when it started whether it was going to be my kind of film but, wow, it was really good. Thanks to my wonderful minister for babysitting again. I can tell you, I’ll certainly miss him when he moves on in August!!!

Today’s been wonderful. Second training walk! Well, almost. I decided to suss out the Downs walk. I know you can walk across the Downs to Adgestone vineyard but wasn’t quite sure of the route so I decided to do it in reverse – lunch at the vineyard and then walking up and onto the Downs, possibly exploring the mystery path that Smudgelet and I chanced upon a couple of weeks ago. But when we arrived at the vineyard they were suffering a power cut. I mean, no coffee? Shocking! No way could I go walking on the Downs without a cup of coffee. So we drove on in search of somewhere to eat and drink, along a beautiful winding road that I’d never driven along before – an unusual occurance on the Island. It was labelled a “quiet road” which was delightful as I told the Smudgelets they’d have to stop talking until we got to the other end 😀

We eventually found ourselves in Lake, where we decided to have a quick sandwich in the little cafe at the airport. Hmmm… pretty impressive, that new restaurant they’ve build on top of the little cafe at the airport. No, Tiddles, you won’t be having the beefburger and chips. Not at over £6 a time, you won’t.

Better, though – lunch at one of our favourite cafes, The Hideaway at Shanklin. Nothing much to look at, a little shack on the clifftop with an assortment of tables with red plastic tablecloths, but a fantastic view out over the English Channel and delicious food. We ordered drinks first. A cappucino, a glass of still water and a glass of blackcurrent and were quite impressed by the speed at which we were served. The waitress handed me the cup of coffee, handed the glass of water to Tiddles and then paused. Had I really ordered lager for Smudgelet? Aha… wrong table!

Lunch eaten, we were off along the coastal path, up and down along the clifftop and then down the long staircase to the promenade and the beach. Not that there was much beach. No, our timing was abysmal and there was hardly any beach to be seen, though enough for a bit of stone skimming and launching into the sea a small boat found on the beach. It was amazing weather – a warm tinge to the air enough for Tiddles to abandon his coat, beautiful sunshine making it impossible to think of being indoors, and light wispy snowflakes floating around in the air! Envigorating. I was going to make it a proper training walk by going right along the coastal path to Sandown and back along the promenade, but it suddenly went very cold and.. well, I had to consider poor Smudgelet, didn’t I? 😉

Now I still haven’t forgotten to blog about my spa break but this is a ridiculous hour to be blogging and now I have the feeling back in my toes, it’s time to retire to my electric blanket, my beddybear and my duvet. Maybe tomorrow, who knows.

Quick question

I only three minutes to spare for blogging so can’t really bring things up to date in that time, so I thought I’d take a leaf from Jack the Lass’s book and see how my Johari Window looks. Can you take a moment to check out http://kevan.org/johari?name=Smudgie and include your opinions.

Come on, Smudge. It’s high time you learnt how to do links properly.

*crosses fingers and tenses in anticipation