Daily Archives: March 3, 2006

Two envelopes

Two envelopes – brown ones – sitting on my doormat, one containing good news, one not so good and one really not so good.
The really not so good was a call up to the hospital to discuss some symptoms which may require an investigative investigation. Bleugh…. not one I particularly relish.
The good? Smudgelet is in at the Middle School we selected. Hooray hooray hooray and general rejoicing.
The bad? Tiddles hasn’t been accepted by the High School we so wanted him to go to and has to go to one which is by far second best. Much shrugging of shoulders and “oh well”ing.

Proper blogging will be resumed soon, probably tonight.

Almost back…

Sorry I’ve been missing so long and leaving you on tenterhooks!
No, it wasn’t so much a case of real life taking over, fortunately, and no I had not run away to the health spa for ever and ever, unfortunately.
No, I was having serious and prolonged internet connection difficulties. Nothing I tried seemed to work. Connecting the modem cable to my laptop didn’t help, logging in as a Smudgelet didn’t help, and I checked all the connections I could find were secure, even the totally irrelevent ones as my broadband is provided through my cable set-top-box. All to no avail.
I was warned that calling out an engineer was a bit of a gamble. If the cable engineer came and found a problem with my cable provision, that was fine, but if it was my computer that was at fault then I would not only have to pay a call out charge for the cable engineer, but also pay for a computer engineer to come and sort that. If I called out a computer engineer and it turned out to be a cable problem, I’d have to pay the computer engineer’s call out charge. I opted for the cable people, seeing as it wasn’t working with my laptop either.

I was extremely relieved that it was before the arrival of the cable engineer that I spotted the empty socket on the back of my set top box and asked myself what might possibly go in there. It looks remarkably like a modem socket, I thought to myself. Aha… what is that lying on the floor? Looks like a cable of some sort…. I wonder what that could be from…….