This reminds me of my childhood. My Dad used to work shifts and consequently was quite a light sleeper and often asleep during the day. One weekend in four he worked “Quick Change-over” which involved him working six hours on, six hours off over one 40 hour period – the intervening six-hour stints mainly being spent either eating or asleep – and at this time the whole household suddenly became hushed. It was in many ways my favourite time; a time when watching TV was a necessary indulgeance; a time when mum and I hid away together in the lounge and watched the Saturday afternoon film and, at 4pm, our absolute favourite – the wrestling! 😀 ; a time when the chocolate box came out and the fire went on and we just revelled in the quiet and each other’s company; a time I actually resented it if a friend came to call.

My sisters and I were discussing it the other day and saying how we all have an exaggerated concern for sleeping people, seeing their sleep as sacrosanct and doing anything to avoid waking them (and also finding it extremely irritating when people wake us from our sleep by carrying on with the normal volume of the day). So it’s rather nice this lunchtime to be closeted away with Smudgelet, eating croissants and tomato soup and watching the DVD of Robots while Tiddles sleeps. Now, should I put the fire on and break out the chocolates?

3 thoughts on “Tiptoe

  1. That brings back a lot of memories – my dad worked long hours too so we were always tiptoeing round the house.

    And I remember the wrestling on a Saturday afternoon too! I don’t remember liking it, but it was always on – Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks et al.

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