Daily Archives: November 3, 2005

What on earth am I doing here at this time of night?

Have you seen the time? I mean, have you? This is a ridiculous time of night to be sitting at the computer blogging. No, I haven’t been up all night, just the last hour of it. Well, I was lying there, not really very asleep (a natural reaction to having your sleep patterns disturbed by two days in bed feeling like death warmed up) and decided I might as well get up and do Tiddles’ homework.

Yes yes, I know. I am determined not to turn into one of those mothers who does his homework for him. He’d done most of it, anyway, it just needed tidying up and some photos attaching and printing out if it was to be in on time tomorrow (a day late, actually) and he’s worked so hard on it that I’d hate it to be marked down for being in late. And he really doesn’t need a detention after two days of wearing his Florence Nightingale apron. Mind you, I’d guess Florence Nightingale didn’t need quite so much step-by-step supervision – you certainly can’t just ask Tiddles to do something, you have to talk him through it. Put the glass under the cold water tap. Turn the tap on. Let the water run until the glass is nearly full. Turn the tap off. Bring the glass of water to me. Put it down carefully on the table, holding the glass upright as you do it” 🙂

Me? I have had a miracle cure. After two days totally prone and unable even to lift my head or even keep down the water and painkillers I was trying to take, 12 hours of antibiotics and I’m an all-singing, all dancing mummy again, complete with minor headache, slightly sore throat, irritating cough and… yes… the side effects of antibiotics, especially combined with your first solid food … need I say more? I just hope Smudgelet doesn’t have the same reaction to his antibiotics – he’s off school with a chest infection and ear infection – or there could be some rather urgent battling going on when we’re both up and about tomorrow.

My sister is here at last – hooray! – although yesterday she was too tired from her journey and too keen to avoid catching the cough for us to spend much time together. She’s visited Dad, though, who seems to be gaining a bit more mobility, although still in quite a bit of pain. On Friday he’s being moved to a convalescent home for a couple of weeks where they’re going to help him master all the things that will make him at least as independant as he was before the operation. I think he’s quite looking forward to it. I hope I’m well enough to visit him before he moves. My star of a friend, M, went to visit him in my absence and as well as taking the required clean towel and flannel, had the brainwave of taking him a sketchbook and pencils. Now why didn’t I think of that?