Ten years ago
I was just trying to do the calculations. I know that ten years ago I was working at a different school where I had just stopped being the youngest on the staff. I reckon at that time I was helping Mum and Dad plan their move to the Island and my closest friend here had just moved away so it was a bit of a limbo time. Footloose and fancy free, I was enjoying car maintainance classes, visiting in the prison, reading a lot, writing a lot of letters and living Island life to the full.

Five years ago
How exciting – five years ago I was on the adoption list again awaiting the suggestion of Smudgelet. I’d been approved for children aged 5 and upward so was utterly overwhelmed when my social worker rang and asked if I’d consider a three year old with an uncertain future. It didn’t take much thinking – a single prayer was enough, and the knowledge that his name meant “Gift from God”. Mind you, by the time all the hoohah had finished and they finally agreed to let me have him, he was already celebrating his fourth birthday! Funny to think that first time I saw him I didn’t really like him very much at all!!!

One year ago
Oh my, how boring my life is! One year ago I was doing exactly the same as I am now – no different except a year younger (and a large number of pounds lighter!)

Five yummy things
chicken and cheese on toast; caramel shortbread; doughnut; roast lamb with mint sauce, carrot and roast potatoes; hot blancmange with evaporated milk, MMMmmmmmmmmm

Five songs I know by heart
There’s loads of them. I find it relatively easy to learn songs by heart. The Smudgelets’ “sing-it-again-mummy” favourite is Hole in the Ground, followed closely by “She sat ‘neath the lilac and strummed her guitar.” Most hymns I can sing without reference to the hymnbook, especially mum’s favourite “Oh Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go”, and lots of Gilbert and Sullivan songs are emblazoned on my heart, as are most Simon and Garfunkel and (dare I say it) Cliff Richard. Not many more modern pop songs, though.

Five things I would do with a lot of money
Travel, taking the Smudgelets to loads of different places to explore; Donations to charity, of course, and to relatives to enable them to get something really worthwhile; pay off my mortgage and have an extension. (Did someone say adopt again?) Give up work and do something voluntary instead.

Five places I would escape to
Bed 🙂 The Downs overlooking the whole of the Island; either of my sisters’ homes; the secret beach; Austria

Five things I would never wear
High heeled shoes; mini skirt; bikini; thong; hotpants (although I did wear those as a child)

Five favourite TV shows Cadfael; Morse; Waking the Dead; Pride and Prejudice; Strictly Come Dancing

Five things I enjoy doing playing music; reading (if only I could get into it again); sitting by the beach in the sun watching the children playing; reading to the Smudgelets when we’re all curled up in a duvet; Swimming when I’m feeling fit.

Favourite toys How can I choose between my special teddies (and penguins) in my room? So I shall have to say a cumulative “teddies” with special mention to Nick my threadbare bear and Sir K which my mum bought me; Lego; Kite; Cluedo; Is this the right place to mention my piano? Did you know I had a piano?

Five people who get this It looks as though virtually everyone has been got… so anyone who’s left, it’s your turn now 😀 Me, I’m, back to my lemsip and trying to recover my voice before visiting time this afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Memememememeeeeeeee

  1. why not high heels? that’s not criticism it’s enquiry 🙂 … as I’ve just bought a pair of 4 inch heels myself … I’m really interested in why people do/don’t (have not quite worked it out myself, i just know i LOOOOVVVEEE them! … but I like loads of other shoes too!)

  2. everyone keeps saying that i’ve been got, but i can’t find it. so i’ll just do one. . . later when i’m not supposed to be working. 😉

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